World Mission Services

Below are links to resources for World Mission Services.  Resources include the Consolidated Collection Calendar, the current Projects Available Booklet, and other World Mission Services Materials.

Parish Resources
PDF – 2020 – 2022 Consolidated Diocesan Collection Calendar
PDF – Diocesan Collection Calendar FAQs
PDF – Diocesan Collection Envelope Order Form
PDF – Projects Booklet

Lenten Resources
PDF – Bishop Ricken’s Holy Land Letter
PDF – Stations of the Cross for Children
PDF – Going Green Missions
PDF – World Mission Rosary Activity

World’s Poor Collection Resources
PDF – Bishop Ricken’s World’s Poor Collection Letter
Word – World’s Poor Bulletin Announcements and Intercessions

Home Missions – Our Own Needs Collection Resources
PDF – Bishop Ricken’s Letter
Word – Home Missions Collection Resources

Teacher Resources
PDF – World Mission Services Mission Cards
PDF – Missionary Childhood Association Works of Mercy
PDF – World Mission Prayer Cards
Word – JUST FOR KIDS – Art Contest Form
PDF – Saint Bingo
PDF – Water Maze
PDF – Word Search St. Francis Xavier Grades 3-5
PDF – Word Search St. Francis Xavier Grades 6-8
PDF – Word Search St. Therese of Lisieux
PDF – How much water does your family use?
PDF – Extraordinary Mission Month K-2
PDF – Extraordinary Mission Month 3-5
PDF – Sister Dorothy Stang Prayer Reflection
Word – Goal for Extraordinary Mission Month
PowerPoint – As Delivered Sister Dorothy Stang Prayer