How To Submit Your Grant Report

The Catholic Foundation distributes grants within the Diocese of Green Bay annually to Catholic parishes and schools, qualified individuals for scholarships, Catholic entities and other types of charitable organizations whose missions do not conflict with Catholic teachings.

All grant recipients must complete a grant report. Grant Reports are due following project or program completion and no later than December 1. Please click the button below to login to your account to complete your grant report by December 1. You will see a heading named ‘Follow up Forms’ at the bottom of your applicant dashboard page. Grant reports are labelled by the grant award date. Please click on the ‘Edit’ button to complete the applicable grant report.

If you have any questions regarding the Catholic Foundation grant program or your previously granted program or project has not been completed before the December 1 due date, please e-mail the Catholic Foundation or call Nicole Skarda, Grant Coordinator, at 920-272-8292. 

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