Missionary Cooperation Appeal Application

Thank you for your interest in the Diocese of Green Bay’s Missionary Cooperation Appeal (MCP).  Every year this appeal, conducted by the Catholic Foundation, invites thirty-eight groups to make missionary appeals in every parish throughout our Diocese.

Unique to the Diocese of Green Bay, all parish receipts collected for this appeal are sent to the Catholic Foundation (not given to the speaker) and deposited into one central fund.  At the end of the year, funds are equally divided among the 38 mission groups and disbursed in January.   This fair-share system enables your speaker to go to less populated parishes in our diocese without fear of receiving less income.  When disbursed, checks made payable to your Organization, Diocese, or Religious Order are mailed to your U.S. contact person unless otherwise notated.

Groups should plan on a 3-4 weekend commitment to cover parish cluster assignments, unless able to send multiple speakers on a given weekend.

Envelopes for the collection are provided to parishes by the Catholic Foundation,  groups are not allowed to distribute their own envelopes, solicit names/addresses of parishioners, or distribute literature containing envelopes.

Please complete the attached application by November 1. Your contact person will be contacted in early February as to the status of your group’s acceptance.  Applicants are not automatically renewed in successive years.  A new application must be submitted each year.

Questions?  Contact Danielle Dercks at the Missions Office at 920-272-8192 or email at [email protected].

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