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The Project Booklet is made up of 22 short-term global mission projects each with a connection to the Diocese of Green Bay.  These projects provide wonderful stewardship opportunities to be missionary disciples.  They are also a great gift idea.  The booklet can be used for classrooms, youth groups, communities, or parishes.  Projects provide a compassionate giving option at Christmas or Lent.  100% of contributions go directly to the projects. Here are a just a few examples of  World Mission Services Projects.


Adopt a Llama- llama-comm-st-paul St. Francis Xavier Cathedral and St. John the Evangelist young adults held a Llama Extravaganza for Lent. They conducted a collection to adopt a llama and support the Community of St. Paul in Vacas, Bolivia.

  • Adopting a llama is $100 and provides the community with milk and wool.
  • The community of St. Paul works with families to help them organize into llama producing associations to breed and keep the animals.


Purchase Piglets, Chicks, or Cows & Help Renovate the Library-  Stella Maris High School in Uganda is a boarding school for girls located in a poor remote village. Many of the girls are orphaned due to recent wars and the HIV epidemic.  There is no government funding; the school is supported only by the Little Sisters of St. Francis of Assisi.  Donations to purchase livestock makes a huge difference for them.

  • The purchase of pigs will offer protein to the girls’ diet as well as help stella-girls2-WEBtheir education in agriculture. Piglets can be purchased for $75.
  • Poultry benefits the girls providing both eggs and meat. It will also help the Sisters to train the girls to be self-reliant. $3 per chick.
  • A cow provides milk and helps the girls learn basic farming skills in their agriculture classes. The cost of a young cow in Uganda is $300.


Friends of Haiti-Medical Group sends semi-annual assistance providing medical, dental, surgical, educational and developmental groups to the barren mountains and valleys in Haiti. Their mission purpose is to help others make their own lives better.

  • In spring of 2014, the medical mission saw 5,916 patients in five clinics.2007 Friends of Haiti WEB
  • The Dental area saw 505 patients and did 1,400 preventive varnish applications for children and gave them instruction on oral health. As many as possible are given toothbrushes and toothpaste.
  • The surgical team performed 104 procedures.


Many World Mission Services projects are available and provide students, teachers, families and faith communities with a greater awareness of the needs of our world.  Please take a look at the booklet and join us to help our brothers and sisters around the world.

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