Missionary Cooperation Appeal


(MCP) is promoted through the Catholic Foundation World Mission office every summer, and is conducted in dioceses across the United States.  These collections are a way to centralize the efforts of missionary organizations around the world who wish to appeal to Catholics in the U.S.

Each year, from over 300 applications, Bishop Ricken invites 38 groups to participate.  This Appeal allows mission groups to make a personal appeal for prayers and financial support from Catholics in our diocese.  

In our Diocese, receipts from all the 156 parishes are pooled and divided equally among these selected mission groups.  We use this fair-share system to enable our missionary speakers to go to less populated parishes in our Diocese without fear of receiving less income.  

Missionaries share the needs and their faith experiences of the people they serve.   Missionaries enrich us in our understanding of the problems and challenges of the global church.  Our faith is deepened and broadened as we learn from them.   

See the Missionary Cooperation Appeal application for more details and deadlines.  For more information, contact the World Missions Office at 920-272-8192, or email [email protected].

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