Bishop’s Appeal Stories

Growing Families and Choosing Life

Chelsea Baucom-Young, Catholic Charities Adoption Counselor (left) pictured with Stevie, Michelle and their two children (center) and Lauren (right)

Stevie and Michelle grew their family through the loving Adoption Services program at Catholic Charities.  

“The first moment that I held her in my arms, I cried like a baby. It was the greatest moment in my life.  I’m forever grateful for the people and organizations that support adoption, ” says Stevie. 

When Lauren created an adoption plan, Catholic Charities was there to support her every step of the way.  Lauren has shared the light of Christ by choosing life. 

“Your gift creates and strengthens families, and that will continue generation after generation,” shared Chelsea Baucom-Young, Catholic Charities Adoption Counselor. 

Your gift to the Bishop’s Appeal grows families by connecting couples with expectant parents who have created an adoption plan.  When you give to the Bishop’s Appeal, you are building families with a foundation of love.  

Entrust: Building Connections

St. Mary Magdalene Parish, Waupaca staff at their Entrust Retreat

Entrust Retreats provide staff, volunteers, and parishioners from across the Diocese of Green Bay formation and practical knowledge about how to help more people know and love Jesus.

“Entrust gave our parish staff the focus to know what we want to accomplish and the method to do it by being filled with the Holy Spirit and continuing to pray,” says Bob Lewinski, Pastoral Minister at St. Mary Magdalene Parish in Waupaca, WI.

Caring staff from the Diocese of Green Bay lead groups through sessions to learn to more deeply connect with the Holy Spirit and one another.

Because of your generosity to the Bishop’s Appeal, our parishes have the tools to grow and be filled with JOY!  Thank you!

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