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Restoring Hope Through Catholic Charities

Through Catholic Charities, we allow God to guide the conversation, leading people of all faiths to help without fear or judgement.

“We’ve all been hurting one way or another,” Brunette says. “I feel if we can walk alongside each other and lift each other up and to channel the power of the Holy Spirit, Jesus Christ and God guiding this conversation and these actions, I think we can do a lot of very good things in our communities.”

Whether it’s providing financial stability, one-on-one mental health support, or simply providing hope, Catholic Charities strives to uplift those in need, and remind them of God’s everlasting love. Your gift to Bishop’s Appeal helps support our important work.

Inspiring Faith

In a time of uncertainty and loss the Reconnect to Inspire program provides a sense of hope and community.

“People are hurting and they need the Church to come out and help them encounter Jesus so that they receive hope and love and are able to carry on,” says Rose Unser, St. Mary Parishes, Omro and Winneconne.

The Reconnect to Inspire program developed by the Parish Life and Evangelization team at the Diocese of Green Bay has given parishes the tools to help the faithful connect with one another and deepen their relationship with the Lord in times when it is needed the most.

“The Bishop’s Appeal is calling us to rise together and come together as community and as Church to offer light to those who are hurting and to those on the margins. We Rise Again is really coming together as Church and sharing that love of Jesus with others so that they can enter into that same experience and receive the hope and move forward in life with hope and not despair,” Unser says.

Discovering Jesus

Faith formation and youth ministry strengthens the next generation of Catholics. Lighting the fire for our Lord in our youth will help them navigate life’s challenges as they grow up.

“When people are in school, who you are really shapes who you are going to be for the rest of your life,” says Meg Lehman, Evangelization & Youth Coordinator, St. Bernard Parish. “I think instilling Catholic beliefs in them now, and forming them as a morally good person, and a good Catholic, is so important.”

Your gift to the Bishop’s Appeal supports youth ministry and builds the foundation of our Church for years to come.

“What I would hope to see for youth as they grow up, is for them to be bold Catholics,” Lehman says. “For them to understand their faith, and not just do it because somebody told them to. To believe it for themselves and to be bold in it, and share it with other people when necessary.”

Sharing the Gospel

Life changed suddenly for all of us in spring 2020, as the COVID-19 pandemic swept the globe. In an effort to maintain a line of communication with parishioners and to promote the word of the Lord, broadcasted Mass was born.

“If it weren’t for the Bishop’s Appeal, these things wouldn’t be able to happen,” says Justine Lodl, Director of Communications with the Diocese of Green Bay. “It was truly a Holy Spirit moment.”

Through the support of Bishop’s Appeal, we can now reach our brothers and sisters who feel isolated, whether they are homebound, assisted living residents or inmates in prisons.

“When you give to the Bishop’s Appeal, you’re supporting programs that help everyone throughout the Diocese. Not just Catholics, but everyone,” says Lodl. “That is what the Mass is about. It is about reaching out to everyone in the Diocese and giving them a gift that keeps on giving.”

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