Retirement Collection

SHARE IN THE CARE – Retirement Collection benefits the men and women religious as well as our senior diocesan priests. In thanksgiving for all that our senior diocesan priests and religious have done, please prayerfully consider giving a generous gift to the collection. Please also pray for God’s continued blessings on our diocesan priests, religious order priests, sisters and brothers.

Why are we asking for your help? There are sky rocketing costs for our religious and some of them have insufficient income.

  • There are more than 25,000 sisters, brothers, and priest religious past age 70 living in the United States.
  • In the Diocese of Green Bay about 90 senior priests are receiving retirement benefits.
  • Today, retired religious are projected to outnumber wage-earning religious by more than three to one.
  • The average retired diocesan priest receives $1,500 per month from the priest’s retirement fund.
  • Help is needed to supplement the fund over the next 20 years.

Help them today.  Please consider an online gift to help those who have helped us over a life-time. You can also send your gift to the Catholic Foundation at PO Box 23001, Green Bay, WI 54305-3001. Thank you for your gift.

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