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Your gift to the Bishop’s Appeal is used, without exception, to support the ministries and programs of the Diocese. Below are the areas that received funding from the Appeal.

Catholic Charities & Living Justice 

Education, Catholic Schools & Families 

Discipleship & Parish Life

Clergy & Parish Leadership

The Compass Newspaper

Bishop’s Appeal Expenses

Catholic Charities & Living Justice Ministries

The ministries of Catholic Charities provide social service programs to thousands of people throughout northeastern Wisconsin each year.  The Living Justice ministry advocates for and supports pro-life activities.  The following are examples of their work:

  • Individual and Family Counseling Services, including mental health counseling for families, couples and children.
  • Family Strengthening Services to refugee and immigration communities throughout northeastern Wisconsin.
  • Adoption and Pregnancy Counseling to assist birth parents, adoptive couples and people with unplanned pregnancies.
  • Financial Health Services offers tools and guidance to help people learn responsible financial management.
  • Consulting with Catholic health services to assist them in providing ethical care in line with Church teachings.

In 2022, the Bishop’s Appeal distributed $1,367,867 to Catholic Charities and Living Justice to support their ministries.

Families & Schools of Discipleship Ministries

This team provides resources, materials and curriculum that guides educational programs to Catholic schools and parishes.  They also support marriage preparation ministries.  The following are a few other examples:

  • Principal Leadership Days provide school leaders with an opportunity for spiritual enrichment and to learn some of the best practices in Catholic schools.
  • Religious Certification Program provides certification for all Catholic school principals and religious education leaders.
  • Marriage Preparation Program provides engaged couples an opportunity for quality time together to learn from married couples the challenges and joys of married life.
  • Campus Ministry at UW-Green Bay and UW-Oshkosh provides college students with the opportunity to worship and grow in their faith.

In 2022, $1,777,979 of the Bishop’s Appeal was distributed to the Families & Schools of Discipleship ministries.

Discipleship & Parish Life Ministries

These ministries offer opportunities for people to learn and experience God on a personal level.  They also support the liturgical and sacramental life of parishes.  Here are a few examples of their work:

  • Parish Evangelization Efforts include workshops, adult faith formation and retreats with a focus on teaching the Good News.
  • Young Adult Ministry helps educate and inspire young people to grow deeper in their faith.
  • The Divine Worship team provides training to liturgists and musicians.
  • Parish Mission Planning helps pastoral and finance councils set priorities, plan for the future and energize parish communities.
  • Multicultural Ministry reaches out to our Hispanic brothers and sisters and other cultures throughout our Diocese to help them connect with the Church and grow in their faith.

In 2022, the Bishop’s Appeal distributed $1,350,613 to Discipleship and Parish Life ministries.

Clergy & Parish Leadership Ministries

Clergy and Parish Leadership trains and forms priests, deacons, parish leaders and lay ministers. Their work includes:

  • Diaconate Program provides Deacons with the education and resources to share the Gospel with people in their parishes, homeless shelters, hospitals, prisons and schools.
  • Discipleship Formation Ministry provides opportunities for parish leaders to deepen their faith and share Jesus with others.

In 2022, the Bishop’s Appeal distributed $724,426 to the Clergy and Parish Leadership Mission Team to support its ministries.

The Compass

The Compass is an award-winning weekly newspaper that breaks open the Catholic faith through articles, columns, news and spiritual reading.  The Compass educates and informs Catholic families and individuals both in print and on its website.

In 2022, the Bishop’s Appeal distributed $100,000 to The Compass to support its ministry.

What are the expenses for the Bishop’s Appeal?

Fund raising costs for the Bishop’s Appeal range from 7 to 9 percent of the amount raised. Expenses include:

  • The office staff responsible for planning, developing materials and carrying out the campaign with the help of parish volunteers and staff.
  • Producing and distributing campaign materials.

The Bishop’s Appeal:

  • Is an opportunity for the faithful to practice financial stewardship to support the Church of Green Bay.
  • Funds Church ministries and programs to share the Word of God with people of all ages and to meet a variety of other needs through Catholic Charities.
  • Helps bring the face of Jesus to more than 300,000 people every year.

In 2022, the Bishop’s Appeal received $500,000 to operate the 2022 Appeal campaign.

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