Crozier Society

Members of the Crozier Society take a leadership role in helping the Bishop carry out the mission of the Diocese of Green Bay to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus, prayerfully worship in word and sacrament, and compassionately serve those in need.

Members receive additional spiritual guidance through

  • The annual Bishop’s Appreciation Mass and Luncheon
  • Invitations to special diocesan events
  • The Little Books during Advent, Lent and Easter seasons

Crozier Society Giving Levels

Partner: $500
Partners play a significant role in creating a faith-filled world by helping to continue the mission of the Church of Northeastern Wisconsin.

Bishop John B. Grellinger Circle: $1,000
Most Reverend John B. Grellinger (1899-1984), the first Auxiliary Bishop of the Diocese of Green Bay, was a Council Father of Vatican II, and was dedicated to vocations and the people of the Diocese.

Saint Katharine Drexel Circle: $2,500
Saint Katharine Drexel (1858-1955), as a member of a prominent family, used her wealth to found the Sisters of the Blessed Sacrament and 63 schools and missions for poor Native and African American people.

Saint Kateri Tekakwitha Circle: $5,000
Saint Kateri Tekakwitha (c.1656-1680), the first Native American to be declared a saint, suffered greatly from small pox and her belief in Catholicism.

Fr. Claude Allouez Leadership Circle: $10,000
Fr. Allouez (1622-1689), an early Jesuit missionary and explorer, brought Catholicism to this area. He celebrated the first Mass in the Green Bay area on December 3, 1669.

Saint Francis Xavier Leadership Circle: $25,000
Saint Francis Xavier (1505-1552) is the patron saint of the Catholic Diocese of Green Bay. This Spanish missionary converted tens of thousands to Christianity in Mozambique, India, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Canton, and Japan. He died a few miles from China, his next destination. Francis Xavier was proclaimed patron of all foreign missions by Pope Pius X in 1622.

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