Mass Offered by Mission Priest

A mission priest will celebrate Mass for your intention, a friend or family member, living or deceased.  A $10 stipend is asked for each Mass requested.  For many priests in third world countries, Mass stipends are their only source of income. Spiritually, as you unite yourself or another with the priest who offers the Sacrifice of Mass, you share a bond of great strength:  love of Christ in the Eucharist, trust in His love for you, and faith in the power of prayer.

Gift cards may be sent to the recipient of the Mass Intention, letting them know you are praying for their spiritual and temporal welfare.  The gift may also be given to someone in memory of a loved one, and for the repose soul of the Mass recipient.

Request Form for Mass Offered By Mission Priest

If you have questions about Masses offered by a mission priest, please contact the World Missions Office at 920-272-8192, or email [email protected].

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