Establish a Fund

Establishing your own fund is easy. We’ll help you set up a personal or family fund that matches your charitable goals.

A Donor Advised Fund is like having your own family foundation. You decide on the name of your fund, receive the tax benefits, and recommend which charities receive grants — when you want.

Grants from a Donor Advised Fund may be made from both the principal and earnings. Advisors do not have to give a specific number or a set dollar amount of grants each year. You can make grant(s) equal to the total value of the Fund and advisors can choose not to make any grants for some time. Money can be added to the Fund at any time.

Donor Advised Funds also can be converted to a Family Permanent Designated Endowment. Each year a portion of the Endowment’s earnings will be given to the charities you selected. Because the Endowment’s principal is protected forever, gifts in your name from the Endowment will be distributed forever. Money can be added to the Fund at any time.

To learn more about starting your own fund, contact Tracy Granius, Endowment Coordinator at (920) 272-8292 or 1-877-500-3580, ext. 8292, or e-mail us.