Advancing The Mission

ATMFundLogoLandingpageThe Advancing the Mission stewardship campaign was conducted in each parish of the Diocese of Green Bay beginning in 2005. The campaign asked each person to consider stewardship as a way of life and their commitment to prayer, service, and sharing.

The sharing portion of the campaign addressed these five key areas of need:

  • Vibrant Parish Ministry — Evaluating parish and community needs and prayerfully developing a plan to meet those needs.
  • Leadership Development — Providing essential training for lay leaders in various parish ministries.
  • Evangelization — Providing the tools and opportunities for parishioners to reach out and share the faith and invite others to join our Catholic community.
  • Life-Long Catechesis — Passing down our faith to our children and continuing to learn about our faith as adults.
  • Priestly Retirement Care — Starting an endowment to provide a safety net for our retired diocesan priests’ most critical needs, such as medical emergencies and skilled care.

Four endowments were established within the Catholic Foundation to benefit Leadership Development, Life-Long Catechesis, Evangelization and Priestly Retirement Care.

Nearly 30,000 people contributed almost $40 million to Advancing the Mission, making it the most successful capital campaign in the history of the diocese.

To apply for an Advancing the Mission grant, please click here.  To learn more about Advancing the Mission, contact us at (920) 272-8292 or 1-877-500-3580, ext. 8292, or e-mail us.

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