Bishop’s Appeal Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Bishop’s Appeal and where does my donation go?

The Bishop’s Appeal is a direct appeal to people of the Diocese, to ask them to make a gift to support the mission and ministries of the Diocese of Green Bay.  These ministries reach many different people in need.  Young people learn about Jesus in our parishes and Catholic schools, those in need of counseling are helped at Catholic Charities, men receive training and formation to become deacons and priests, and pastoral care is available to church members.  Your gift to the Bishop’s Appeal helps us build vibrant parishes and share the Gospel throughout northeastern Wisconsin.  The Bishop’s Appeal kicks off in February.

What impact does my gift have?

Your gift to the Bishop’s Appeal helps Catholic Charities reach out to people in need by providing individual and family counseling.  Catholic Charities teaches people financial responsibility, provides adoption and pregnancy counseling to birth parents and adoptive parents, guides individuals with unplanned pregnancies and offers other counseling services.

Your gift brings faith formation to people of all ages.  Parishes and Catholic schools are able to provide strong religious curriculum, train educators and youth leaders and supports Camp Tekakwitha summer camp.

Within parishes, your gift assists in training and supporting pastoral ministers, parish staff, deacons and lay ministers.  It supports outreach ministries, adult faith formation, and campus ministries for young adults.  These are just a few ways your gift to the Bishop’s Appeal makes a difference. For more information, please see our website at

What is the average gift?  And how much should I give?

The average gift in 2022 was $250.  Through prayerful consideration, we encourage everyone to consider what they can share with those who have less.  Even small donations add up when everyone participates.

How can I make a gift?

There are several easy ways to make a gift.  In early February, every family will receive a letter from Bishop Ricken inviting them to make a gift.  Simply fill out the pledge card and mail it in the enclosed blue envelope.  Gifts may be made in monthly installments from March through December, or gifts may be one-time donations.  The pledge card will include options that range from making your gift via credit card, check, electronic withdrawal directly from your checking or savings account or online at

Does my gift pay for any legal settlements?

No, the Bishop’s Appeal has never been used to pay legal settlements.  Please know your gift will only be used to support the ministries of the Catholic Diocese of Green Bay.

Does my gift pay the Bishop’s salary?

The Bishop’s Appeal is an annual campaign that supports the ministries of the Diocese.  It does not pay for the Bishop’s salary.  The Appeal does provide support to diocesan ministries which reach out to thousands of people each year.  Some of the ministries the Bishop’s Appeal supports are Catholic Charities, parish ministries, Catholic schools,  Camp Tekakwitha and discipleship and leadership formation to name a few.  The Bishop’s Appeal is a wonderful way to share our faith with people who are interested in learning more or are in need of counseling and other services from Catholic Charities.

What was the Bishop’s Appeal goal vs. actual in 2022, and what is the goal in 2023?

The 2022 goal was $5,450,000, and together we raised more than $6,400,000.  This is wonderful in that we were able to reach people who need help the most.  In 2023, our goal is $5,600,000.  Needs throughout northeastern Wisconsin are high…many families still struggle to make ends meet.  Our parishes continue to guide us along on our faith journey and your support of the Bishop’s Appeal brings the light of Christ into the lives of people who need it the most!

How much of my gift actually goes to support people in need?

91 – 93 percent of your gift to the Bishop’s Appeal supports the ministries of the Diocese of Green Bay.  That is 91¢ – 93¢ of every $1.00!  Your gift to the Bishop’s Appeal will help in countless ways.  Care ministers are trained to go out and help people who are sick and homebound.  Children and families are able to attend lively, interactive education programs learning the Word of God.  A young woman in an abusive relationship is able, through counseling with Catholic Charities, to stand on her own feet.  Families seeking to adopt are connected with newborn babies.  Your gift to the Bishop’s Appeal makes happy endings possible.

Questions?  Please contact Tammy at 920-272-8123, or [email protected].

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