Support Turkey-Syria Earthquake Relief Efforts

On February 6, a 7.8 magnitude earthquake devastated large areas of central Turkey and northwest Syria. The death toll has surpassed 17,000 and continues to climb. The earthquake is the worst to strike Turkey this century.  
Pope Francis offered his prayers and called for solidarity with victims after two  powerful earthquakes brought death and destruction to southeast Turkey and northern Syria. At least one priest is among the dead. Catholic Relief Services is on the ground providing support. To make your gift today to help those in need visit: 

Photo: Hasan Huseyin Kul/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images

Across affected areas in both countries, apartment buildings and schools have been leveled. For Syrians, the damage took place in areas already devastated by years of war. In Turkey, the airports and the high roads of Anatolia are closed and most hospitals are unusable. Schools have been closed across the country.
Our Catholic Faith calls each of us to care for those in need, and, at this time in particular for those who are suffering in the aftermath of this earthquake. We are partnering with Catholic Relief Services (CRS) to help provide relief.

Your gifts will assist in providing humanitarian aid, as well as necessary recovery efforts, such as rebuilding and repairing churches and schools. Your generosity and prayers are deeply appreciated.

Catholic Relief Services will support emergency relief efforts led by local partners in both Syria and Turkey with Caritas Turkey, Caritas Syria in Aleppo and Lattakia—where extensive damage has been reported—and other local partners. Already in Turkey, Caritas Anatolia, in coordination with authorities, is bringing displaced people to safe, open spaces and distributing hot meals and clothing. The dioceses of Izmir and Istanbul are collecting donations to send to the Anatolia Region.  Your gifts will help our partners to provide safe shelter, and access to food, clean water and hygiene supplies.

Support Catholic Relief Services(CRS) in their relief efforts

Support USCCB Bishops Disaster Fund

Support the Catholic Near East Welfare Association (CNEWA)

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