Bishop’s Appeal Reaches $5.78 Million

The 2020 Bishop’s Appeal has raised more than $5,780,000 from 27,265 families
and individuals.  Thank you to everyone who has supported the Appeal this year!

The theme to this years’ Bishop’s Appeal is Rising in Faith.  The Appeal builds up modern day disciples, like our religious educators in our parishes and Catholic schools who share the Good News of Christ.  Gifts to the Bishop’s Appeal help build many different disciples:

  • Your gift helps train parish leaders.
  • Your gift helps care for those in need of counseling through Catholic Charities.
  • Your gift helps share the faith through evangelization ministries and programs.
  • And your gift helps educate children and adults in the faith.

If you have not yet made your gift to the Bishop’s Appeal, and you want to be part of building modern day disciples for Christ, you may still make a gift.

Learn more here about all the wonderful ministries the Bishop’s Appeal supports.

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