Bishop’s Appeal Helps Build a Foundation in Faith

Think back to when you discovered Jesus.  Often it is our loving parents who first introduce us to our Lord.  For many young people, a deeper discovery of Christ happens through faith formation educators.  In faith formation programs across the Diocese of Green Bay, children are learning about Jesus.  These programs help form the next generation in our Catholic faith.

When you give to the Bishop’s Appeal, you provide our parishes with the resources they need to lead young people to Christ.  Instructors receive the tools to teach and inspire.  In our Diocese right now, children are building a friendship with Jesus and are being inspired to share His love with others.  This is made possible through your support of the Bishop’s Appeal.

Faith formation is one way children grow closer to Jesus.  Children who attend faith formation programs may also grow closer to God in His outdoor classroom at Camp Tekakwitha.  Others discern a possible calling to the priesthood or to religious life as adults.  Formation programs build a foundation in the Catholic faith for children throughout northeastern Wisconsin.

Please prayerfully consider making your gift to the 2024 Bishop’s Appeal today by visiting Whatever you are able to give is needed and greatly appreciated. 

To learn more about the ways your gift to the Appeal makes a difference, please visit

Thank you to all who have supported and continue to support the Bishop’s Appeal.

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