Threshold of Hope Grant Application

Your grant application must be submitted to the Catholic Foundation to receive consideration for funding in the upcoming year. Grant distributions are reviewed and approved by the Catholic Foundation Board of Directors .

The mission of the Catholic Foundation is to encourage financial stewardship and generosity by providing a faith-based avenue for giving. The Catholic Foundation ensures that all grant money is used according to the purpose of the fund.

The purpose of the Threshold of Hope Fund is to provide support to homeless individuals whose needs are not served by other social service agencies in the Brown County area. Special emphasis and support shall be given to the ministry and operations of St. John the Evangelist Homeless Shelter.

Procedure for requesting a grant:

1. Complete an application
2. The grant making committee will meet  to make recommendations.
3. Grants will be finalized at a Catholic Foundation Board of Directors meeting..
4. A grant report is required. The grant report form is located at
The grant recipient must promote the Catholic Foundation through their project/program by using a Foundation logo in their project/program materials including press releases, materials, social media, etc. Our logo is located at

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