The Burden of Debt

Life can be challenging. There are times when people feel so lost. They find help through Catholic Charities and the many programs and resources in our Diocese.

Amanda was in an abusive relationship that took a toll on her physically, emotionally, and financially. This relationship left her battered, bruised, and in severe debt. Through God’s grace, Amanda found help from several organizations, including Catholic Charities Financial Health Services Program.

With guidance from a Financial Health Counselor at Catholic Charities, Amanda learned to manage her money, prepared a plan to pull herself out of debt, paid her bills on-time, and became self-sufficient.

“Going from $20,000 in debt to no debt…it’s amazing. It feels great,” said Amanda.

Jesus calls us to build people up, heal the broken, and bring love to everyone. Catholic Charities works with individuals, families, and communities to help them meet their needs and resolve their problems.  As well as financial health, Catholic Charities also offers programs and services in:

  • Individual and Family Counseling
  • Adoption, Pregnancy, and Parenting Support
  • Family Strengthening

Your gift to the Bishop’s Appeal helps people like Amanda experience Christ’s love. To make a gift today, contact your parish, visit the Bishop’s Appeal website at, or call Tammy Danz at 920-272-8123.

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