Q&A: Get to Know the Catholic Foundation

Q: What is the Catholic Foundation?
A: The Catholic Foundation is a separate 501(c)(3) organization established to serve the Catholic community here in northeastern Wisconsin. We partner with local families and individuals to support the ministries of the diocese, their parish, and other nonprofit organizations. We do this in many ways — through the Bishop’s Appeal, World Mission Collections, the one by One campaign, and by establishing endowments, funds, and donor-advised funds.

Q: How does the Catholic Foundation serve the Catholic Diocese of Green Bay, parishes, and Catholic schools?
A: The Catholic Foundation supports the Diocese of Green Bay by conducting all diocesan-wide fundraising, which helps support the ministries of the Church. The Foundation also works closely with parishes and Catholic schools in creating endowments and funds that provide resources for their ministries.

Q: What is an endowment?
A: Families set up an endowment for a specific purpose, for example, to benefit their parish, a diocesan ministry, or other charity. Typically, an endowment distributes 5% of the fund every year forever. An endowment is a great way to leave a legacy and support those causes you love most.

Q: How does the Catholic Foundation work with a family to leave a legacy?
A: One of our great joys is helping families leave a legacy. Many times, a family reaches out to us when they are creating or changing their will. A benefit of working with the Foundation is our deep knowledge of the needs of the Church and other nonprofits. If you are interested in visiting the Catholic Foundation about your legacy, please contact us at catholicfoundationgb.org/legacy2024.

Q: What makes the Catholic Foundation unique?
A: Simply put, our Catholic faith. We are overseen by a Catholic Board of Directors. Their leadership today and 50 years from now will be distinctly driven by Catholic morals and values. We invest our assets through Catholic socially responsible investing and connect generous families with faithful organizations important to them.

Your legacy is a key part of our mission. To learn more, contact Josh Diedrich at (920) 272-8197, or email [email protected].

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