Lasting Impact Through Bequests

As you plan for your future through a will, you may be thinking about how to care for your loved ones and how to save on estate taxes.  But you may also want to consider leaving a legacy gift to your parish or favorite charity.  A charitable bequest lets you leave a lasting legacy to an important cause, and often provides valuable tax savings.

What is a Will? A Will is a legal document that determines:

1)    How will my property or estate be distributed?
2)    Who are the beneficiaries?
3)    Who will have the power to manage my finances?
4)    How will my final debts & taxes be handled?
5)    Who will be the guardian of my dependent children?
6)    Who will make my healthcare decisions if I am not able to?
7)    How can I remember my favorite charities in my will?

If you would like a Will Planning Guide, or to learn how to remember your favorite charity in your will, please call Josh at 920-272-8197 or fill out the form below.

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