List Manager Form

Welcome to the Catholic Foundation List Manager Forms.  Thank you for choosing to fill out a new member, removed member or change of member information form.  These forms are very simple to fill out.  There are a few key items to remember.

  • To handle a combined record for marriage, please use the Change of Membership Form.  Add the husband’s name to the family name field and also the spouse’s maiden name in the old membership information boxes and her new name in the updated spouse name field.
  • If a family is going through a divorce, please use the Divorce Form.
  • If an individual has died, please fill out the Remove Member Form and click the radio button marked deceased.  If there is a surviving spouse, please list their name in the field below.

If you have additional important information, please use the notes field at the bottom of each form.  If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Tammy Danz at 920-272-8123 or Debbie DeGrave at 920-272-8184.

If there is a new individual responsible for making changes, please email the Catholic Foundation with their name, phone number, email address and parish name with city.  So we can change the default person for the parish.

Once you click submit, the form will automatically bring you to a new form to continue making updates.  If you have completed all your updates, please close out of your browser.

Please login to fill out the form.

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