Let’s welcome, heal and educate!

He told them, “Let us go on to the nearby villages that I may preach there also.  For this purpose have I come.”  Mark 1:38

Jesus came to us with a purpose from the beginning.  In a short time he taught, healed and preached.  He built up disciples to carry forth his mission.

Today there are many disciples who carry on the mission of Jesus.  Deacons not only assist at Mass, but they proclaim the Gospel of Christ to people in prisons, hospitals, shelters, youth programs and to people who are homebound.  Counselors at Catholic Charities provide guidance and care through their counseling services.  Catechists nurture the spiritual formation of children in parishes.  All these people are Rising in Faith and all receive support through the Bishop’s Appeal.

Learn more here about all the wonderful ministries the Bishop’s Appeal supports. Please prayerfully consider making a gift to the Bishop’s Appeal today.

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