Catholic Foundation Grant Reallocation Application

The Catholic Foundation distributes grants both to qualified individuals as scholarships or to Catholic parishes, schools, Catholic entities and other charitable organizations that do not conflict with Catholic teachings.

If you received a grant and would like to request an extension of the grant to be able to more fully use the awarded grant dollars or if you are requesting a reallocation of the grant to accomplish a different purpose please fill out the form below. Please know that a reallocation would require that the new project conforms to the grant application area of support. For example if you applied for an evangelization ministry grant from the Advancing the Mission Evangelization Endowment your reallocation request should be in support of evangelization.

If you have any questions, please e-mail the Catholic Foundation or   call Nicole Skarda, Grant Coordinator at 920-272-8292 or (877) 500-3580 ext. 8192.

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