What Legacy Will You Leave?

As we begin the New Year, many times we reflect on the past year and ways to make a change in the upcoming year. For some of us, this means creating new habits to be healthier or considering a simple question: What legacy will you leave?

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At the Catholic Foundation, we are honored to work with families and individuals who are actively considering that question and working on their legacy through their will and estate plans.  Many times, leaving a legacy is about remembering those people or sometimes charities that mean most to you.  Some of the most popular charities a family considers supporting through the Catholic Foundation are their parish, a Catholic school, the Bishop’s Appeal, Raising Vocations Collection, a special diocesan ministry or a Foundation endowment.

Here are a few common ways families work with the Catholic Foundation to leave a legacy to support a cause they love:

  • Leaving a bequest to the Catholic Foundation to support the mission of the Church.
  • Listing the Catholic Foundation as a beneficiary on an IRA.
  • Establishing an endowment to support your parish, Catholic school, other charity or diocesan ministry. This great way allows you to support your charities forever.

Here at the Catholic Foundation, it is our honor to partner with you in leaving your legacy. We encourage you to reach out to us about your legacy and to certainly work closely with your attorney and financial advisors when creating your estate plans.  

Because of friends like you, the Catholic Foundation is able to continue to support the Church and help thousands of people discover Jesus in their lives.  Through the generosity of many families, the Foundation has grown to more than 350 endowments, funds and also donor advised funds.  These legacies were established to benefit our Catholic parishes, schools and diocesan ministries.

Thank you for considering the question: What legacy will you leave?  From all of us at the Catholic Foundation, we are grateful for all the ways you support the Catholic Church.  May God bless you abundantly in the New Year.  

To learn more about leaving a legacy, please contact Josh Diedrich at 920-272-8197 or any of our Catholic Foundation team members.

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