Seminarian Collection/ Raising Vocations

Seminarian Collection Update Materials

The Catholic Foundation is glad to share that our diocese has been blessed by a generous anonymous gift to the one by One campaign.  This gift will cover the costs of our seminarians’ tuition, room and board, as well as the Kairos formation house for the next five years.  As a result of this generosity, we have paused the Seminarian Collection.

Below are the materials we have prepared for you to use to share the updates about the pausing of the Seminarian Collection.  All materials can be downloaded by clicking on the link and saved to your files.

PDF — 2021 Seminarian Collection Final Report
PDF — Seminarian Collection Pause FAQs
Word — Seminarian Collection Update Bulletin Article
Word — Seminarian Collection Update Pulpit Announcement

Video — Seminarian Collection Thank You Video

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