Grant Helps Foster Connections through Faith

St. Paul Parish in Combined Locks provided Message and Meal events to parishioners thanks to the 2016 Advancing the Mission Life-Long Catechesis grant from the Catholic Foundation. By focusing on a theme of faith and community, the grant helped foster connections between parishioners and community members.

Message and Meal series included topics such as “The Importance of Fatherhood,” “The Value of Prayer” and “Practical Ways for Helping Homeless People in our Local Area.” A unique subject was “The Theology of Beekeeping”. Fr. Andy Kysely discussed connections between bees and the Catholic community.  One favorite way parishioners were able to embrace community and connect with high school students was when Xavier’s Hawksing Choir performed Christmas Carols.

“It is critical we support our senior parishioners. By providing good opportunities for prayer and socializing on a regular basis, we help these parishioners know they are appreciated and important to us,” said Maggie Melchior, Coordinator of New Evangelization & Faith Formation at St. Paul Parish.  To learn more about the Catholic Foundation, contact Cindi Brawner or Josh Diedrich at 920-272-8181 or [email protected].