A Journey of Faith

After years as a deputy sheriff Kyle Holewinski began to have a negative outlook on life. He witnessed a lot of heartache and sadness in the jail. He needed to find a way to be more positive and do more for inmates.

Kyle looked to the Church for help. He started to get more active at his parish and decided to take the Emmaus program. The Emmaus program gives ministers the opportunity to gain the knowledge and skills to be effective ministers in the Catholic Diocese of Green Bay. Thanks to the Emmaus program Kyle now inspires confirmation students as a religious educator at his church, St. Raphael Parish in Oshkosh.

Kyle commented, “I hear sometimes people say that they leave the church because they are not being fed. Well, they should come back and take the Emmaus program because it will feed you, educate you, and help you learn more about becoming a disciple.”

Kyle also uses the skills he learned through the Emmaus program at his job as a deputy sheriff and Chaplain at the jail. Kyle said, “I believe inmates’ lives can change when we listen to them, talk to them and show them how a faith-based life can turn things around.”

Your gift to the Bishop’s Appeal supports the Emmaus program, inspires people like Kyle and makes a difference in our communities.  Please help this important ministry by making a generous gift to the Bishop’s Appeal.